The Spring has shut down, and is no longer active. Thanks to all our members and partner businesses who supported our mission to use consumer spending power as a force for good! Learn more...

A rebirth of our communities

We created The Spring because we want to bring new life to communities by strengthening the connection between good people, good businesses and the values they both share.

There is power in our money

We spend money everyday… from cafes to restaurants, it adds up. It’s easy to forget how powerful our purchasing decisions are. When we choose where to spend, we are choosing which businesses succeed. Some businesses give back to the community, so if we help those businesses succeed, we are helping our own community succeed. We want to make it easy for you to find which businesses support the community, make it easier for them to support the community, and give you full control over what positive changes you’d like to see happen in your neighborhood. When you imagine a vibrant future for your community, what do you see?

How it works

The Spring gives people the power to fund community projects just by pooling together a small portion of our everyday spending.

It’s simple. Join The Spring by linking your credit or debit card, then spend at your favorite participating businesses. 3% of every purchase funds local projects that improve your community. Not only that, but you'll get a 3% cash back reward on every purchase.

You make a direct impact in your community and save money every time.

The team


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Nisha Gulati


Ben Ross


Perry Rosenstein
Product & Engineering


John Ley


How does The Spring work?

Just link your credit or debit card so you purchases get counted. Dine out at any Spring business. 3% of what you spend automatically goes to projects that benefit your community. Plus, you get 3% cash back from Spring businesses as a way of saying thanks. It's as simple as that.

How do I link my credit card?

It’s simple, just sign up! We’ll take care of the rest!

How do I get my cash back?

We’ll send you your cash back earnings through Paypal or by check - whatever you prefer.

When do I get my cash back?

Once you've earned at least $5 in cash back, you can collect your earnings at any time.

I've noticed my cash back and project contributions add up to a bit less than 3% of the total check. Why?

In short: tax and tip. Since restaurants don't get to keep the tax and tip, it wouldn't be right for The Spring to take a percentage of that part of the check. That's why when we calculate your cash back and project contributions, we take 8.75% off the total check amount, which is the tax rate in San Francisco; at restaurants with tips, we subtract an additional 18%.

How long does it take to see my contribution and cash back on my profile after I dine out?

Your funding credit towards the project and cash back will appear 3-5 days after you make your purchase.

Why do you need my credit card number?

We require your credit card number to ensure your qualified purchases at Spring businesses get counted. When you give us your credit card number you are NOT giving us permission to charge your card (which we will never do). You are also NOT giving us the ability to look at everything you spend money on. Instead you are simply giving your credit card company permission to notify us when you spend at a participating Spring business, so that we can give you credit for your purchase. That way, you can make an impact in your community and earn cash back.

So in sum, when you use your credit card at a Spring business, we will see the total dollar amount and when you made your purchase. That’s it.

How secure is The Spring?

We take security seriously. We never share your personal information and we will never charge your credit card. We use a PCI compliant 3rd party partner to protect all payment information and we protect your information using the highest industry standards, including secured user password authentication, 256 bit SSL encryption and credit card tokenization.

Why don’t I get funding credit or cash back when I order food using GrubHub, OrderAhead or Seamless?

When you order food through vendors like GrubHub, OrderAhead and Seamless, your transaction is made directly with those vendors, not the restaurant or cafe. In order to get funding credit and earn cash back, be sure that the restaurant or cafe is processing your payment directly.

How do I suggest a business?

We want to know which businesses our users LOVE and want to see on The Spring. Send us an email with your business suggestions at

If you’re a business that’s interested in partnering with us, get in touch with us at Check out our business page for more information!

How are projects chosen?

We've already selected a few small projects to start out with, but we want you to help us find and select projects that will have a positive impact in your local community. If the project has an impact on a large number of people, and the impact lasts over a long period of time, that's even better! For now, send us your ideas and suggestions to

How do I suggest a project?

We love hearing about projects and organizations that our users think are awesome! Send us an email at

Can I choose what projects I want to support?

We think this would be really cool and we’re working on it. Stay tuned!

Where did you guys come from?

We grew out of Carrotmob, where we spent years enabling people to use their consumer power for good.

Can I work at The Spring?

Maybe! We're always looking for people passionate about The Spring's mission, especially to help us develop restaurant partnerships. Click here to check out available jobs and apply!

Still have a question?

Send us an email at so we can help.